Winning Sports Betting

Sports bets have been happening throughout history. The first bets may easily have started between two cavemen. To get started in betting, you would want to decide on what sport you wish to bet on, and what your budget is. Throughout recent times, sports betting has become much larger — especially online.

Nowadays, there are many websites in which you can bet against other people online. Many novice sports betters don’t take into account that they need good money management. Betting is very risky; therefore you want to manage your money as carefully as possible. As I trim over this topic, I will go over some basics in sports betting. You want to make sure you develop reasonable expectations. Who knows, you may strike even on your first couple bets, or even lose a bit of money. Don’t get discouraged; most betters hit about 55%-60% profits on a long term business. Unless you plan on investing tons of time and money as well as risk, this is rarely a job — consider it more of a hobby that earns you some extra bucks every month or season.

As a good sports better, you want to be familiar with sports betting terms. Let’s start with “betting straight up”. This means simply winning on the score chart without regard to the point spread. Betting straight up would be similar to taking a side of a time and to bet on them to win outright. A “side” is like betting straight-up. A side bet is a wager on a certain team to win a game or contest. Up next, a “parlay” is a bet with 2 or more teams where all of the teams have to win in order for the better to be successful. On the other hand, a “teaser” is a bet on 2 or more teams where the line on each of the teams is changed or adjusted in the favor of the better. All of the bets must win in order to win a teaser bet.

As for promos/exotics, that is any wager other than a straight bet or a parlay. This can also be referred to a prop, or proposition. Well, there you have it. Those are the outlines and tips on becoming a successful sports better. Again, money management is an important part of this, don’t be foolish!

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